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panorama of Baltic Sea with offshore wind farm

Welcome to Electrotech Australia

where we use technological trends to create electronics for the sea.

We are a competitive and innovative company that deals in sales and installing electronic equipment for activities on the sea. Like our everyday lifestyle, life on the ocean requires water-proof electronics, which has been our passion and work for years.

Our services include:

Our Services

Transducer Testing and Installation

A transducer is a machine or conversion tool that changes energy from a form to another. It is familiar with measurement, control, and automation sent in signals, and thus, this process is known as transduction. There are different types of transducers which are mainly mechanical and electrical and also vary based on certain factors such as range dynamicity, repetition level, hysteresis, and noise. Our primary services in this aspect are testing and installation.

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Marine Electronics Installation

Life at sea only comes with comfort when powered by specific tools and devices, primarily electrical. Also, most of this electrical equipment is fitted to the hull after the yacht is done. Over the years, we have been partners with different yacht building companies rendering servicing and installation programs to them.

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Optimal 360 Joystick Control

Optimal 360 joystick control is another service we undertake with our clients. It is majorly characterised by Utmost intelligence and can be compared with a vehicle gear and steering. The Optimal 360 joystick control is common among powerboats and manufactured based on EST and EPS networks to proffer revolutionary solutions.

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Onsite Service

Electrotech Australia is one of the best companies that offer various location services with crafted employees whose contributions have made us what we are today. We deliver onsite services, which include marine electronics installation, equipment testing, equipment layout, diagnostic services, and dash remodelling.

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The product we offer include:

Product Information


We sell a wide range of products from Airmar technologies, a manufacturing brand known in over five countries, including Australia, the USA, Italy, and France. They are famous for producing quality transducers.


Actisense continues to produce products to promote marine activities by supplying data to various ships’ networks. The brand belongs to the NMEA specialists’ group, which have been known for their reliability, quality service, and innovations.

Maretron Products

Our products include ones manufactured by Maretron. Maretron is a leading manufacturing company that deals in the supply of vessel monitoring and control tools. Click here to read more.


Most Fishfinders have a Mark button on them for singling out a fish target. It is a great and innovative fishing tool that offers various benefits.

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