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About Us

Oil platform on the ocean. Offshore drilling for gas and petroleum

Welcome to Electrotech Australia, where we use technological trends to create electronics for the sea.

We are a competitive and innovative company that deals in sales and installing electronic equipment for activities on the sea. Like our everyday lifestyle, life on the ocean requires water-proof electronics, which has been our passion and work for years.

Our Values

Our company is one of the leading firms in this field, and we pride ourselves based on specific values that we prioritise during our recruitment process. These values include:


Electrotech Australia is based on solid truth. We do not compromise and ensures accountability in all we do. Also, we respect our clients and serves their interests while upholding the image of the company.

In essence, we hold our name in high esteem and do all our best to avoid any dent in the name. After all, a good reputation is worth more than Gold.

Quality Service

Our company creates products to resolve problems. Hence, we prioritise quality in all we do because it is good for our company’s image and makes our clients joyful. Our quality service extends to good customer relations.


If we must produce products that satisfy needs, we must be goal-driven. Our purpose has been a constant reminder of who we are and what we stand for. We want to create a normal lifestyle out on the sea.


Discipline is excellent and essential for the proper administration of any organisation. It has supported the organisation in our company and ensures we deliver excellent services. We do the right thing at the right time and do right by our clients. You will never regret purchasing any of our products because it gives you a great experience.

Research Knowledge

Knowledge does not kill, and ignorance sometimes may not bliss. We conduct research from time to time to discover new ways to serve you, investigates new dimensions to existing products, and make innovative new designs.


In all of our duties discharge, we ensure safety precautions are followed. Our workspace is surrounded by protective equipment for staff and guests. Also, we conduct training for our employees on the use of new technologies to ensure our products are manufactured in a safe environment. More so, all our products have guidelines for use and application because we care about you and your security with our products.

Offshore wind turbines farm on the ocean. Sustainable energy

Our Services

Our services include manufacturing, testing, installation, etc., of marine equipment that depends on electricity to function. We believe strongly in quality service and speedy delivery that does not compromise the quality. It is possible because our company consists of individuals who share the same dream, passion and believe in excellent service.

Electrotech Australia can boast of its quality products through positive reviews, awards, and certifications that we have gathered and acquired over the years. We also conduct onsite service and joystick control. Some of our equipment includes chart plotter, sea radar, fishfinder, autopilot, network TV, radio, etc.


Our mission is to provide long-lasting solutions to problems bothering sea comfort through technological products.


Our vision is to be the best marine equipment manufacturer and seller across Australia and beyond its seas.

At Electrotech Australia, we are at your service anytime. Check out our services and contact us today!

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