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The Actisense

Actisense continues to produce products to promote marine activities by supplying data to various ships’ networks. The brand belongs to the NMEA specialists’ group, which have been known for their reliability, quality service, and innovations.

Our Actisense products come in different ranges and can be applied in agrotech, leisure, and marine pro, and they include

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The NMEA 2000 Network range

It is one of the first and intelligent world-wide terminators that terminates a network regardless of the type (male or female). It also consists of an intelligent functionality used for testing the products for current or voltage problems on the bus. You can fix it directly after the network has ended or access locations using it as an in-line terminator.

The features include an in-built accuracy voltage alarming circuit for monitoring the functionality of the bus voltage. If the voltage is in the right state, the bus will display its LEDs, and when it is within the lowest range, the shown changes to Green, supplying relevant information.

It contains all the necessary cables and connectors for a complete NMEA installation. The starter kit consists of a micropower T- for energy supply (AK-MPT-1), a female terminator to cut an end of the network (A2K-TER-F) and a male terminator to end the other, twin micro T-piece for device connection, and a cable that causes a distance between two devices’ network.

It comes in two versions, and the second one is QNB-1-PMW which offers multiple connectors to cut down the price of any 2000 series cable installation. It is mainly used when the instrument has a high density and about six units are joined.

The significant difference between the two NMEA products is that while the QNB-1-PMW is powered by six female connectors, which provides easy and convenient installation. At the same time, the QNB-1 uses glands to install any cable length. The accessories used for these products are a blanking plug, adaptor cable, and screw-top covers.

Water-proof covers protect the NMEA 2000 bulkhead connection, and the glands can replace the female connector on this product to create a new plug option.

It has an 8-way network that facilitates faster and efficient installation; hence, it does not need extra T-pieces connection, thereby saving time and space. It starts work by connecting to the boat power supply through a short metre cable.

Its other features include intertwined metal nuts, coded wires, and an EMI shield. Most importantly, it is cost-effective.

Product Accessories

We also sell accessories for easy installation of various products and equipment. The accessories are

This product accessory is usually used with a top EN 50 022 hat-rail or a G-section with a number tag – 50 035.

It is a cable that helps convert NDC-4 to NDC-4-USB but still suitable for NDC-4.

This product is both a multiplexer and an installer with a simple system used to resolve connectivity issues. It has a robust routing that links inputs received to outputs. It may also allow rate conversion for data, auto-switching, and blocking.

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