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The Airmar

We sell a wide range of products from Airmar technologies, a manufacturing brand known in over five countries, including Australia, the USA, Italy, and France. They are famous for producing quality transducers. This page offers a detailed description of all available transducers.

Glorious Seas

Triducer Multisensory Transducers

Their characteristics include unique features, power capacity, style of mounting, and building material.

P32 Triducer Multisensory/C.W Transom Mount

This product belongs to a Triducer Multisensory group with a power capacity of 250 watt and great depth, speed level, and accurate temperature. It is also made of plastic and follows a transom mounting style.

B744V and B744VL Triducer Multisensory/ C.W Thru-hull

Operating under the Triducer Category, it is made of bronze building material and uses Thru-hull mounting design. It runs on a level of 600 watts and maintains an average percentage where it relates to speed, depth, and temperature.

P58 Triducer Multisensory/C.W Transom Mount

As the name suggests, it applies a transom mounting system on an accurate speed level, temperature, and depth. Also, the Transducer is powered through its 600 watts.

Close-up of fishing equipment on a fishing trawler

P66 Triducer/CW Transom Mount

Its unique features are 600W power, sufficient temperature supply, speed and depth, transom mounting style, and plastic.
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T42 Temperature Sensor Thru-hull

It is a bit different from the Transducers multi-sensors but equally significant. Its housing material is bronze, and its style is Thru-hull. The presence of high accuracy enables its principal function.
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Traditional Transducers

The list of traditional Transducers is limitless and is represented by a letter and a number. The products are:

It is characterised by the following features, which are:

  • Group

Traditional /CW Transom mount

  • Energy

The energy level is between 200 and 300 watts.

  • Function

Its function only concerns depth.

  • Frequency


  • Style of Mounting

The pattern of mounting is Thru-hull.

  • Building Material

The housing material is plastic primarily.

P23 is made up of a different material – Urethane and has a power capacity of 250 watts with depth and temperature functions. Placed on a 200 kHz, it uses a transom mounting system.

P72 traditional /CW trolling motor is mounted following the in-hull procedure and operates depth and temperature functions at a power level between 250w and 300 watts. The housing material it employs may either be a Urethane or stainless-steel strap.

P19 is made of plastic building material and uses Thru-hull, flush, and tilted mounting systems. Also, it operates on a level of 375 watts and performs functions relating to depth and temperature. The features also include a 200 kHz frequency.

P7 traditional /CW low profile is mounted applying the Thru-hull procedure and operates depth and temperature functions at a 375 watts power level. The housing material it employs at a 200 kHz frequency is plastic.

B117 uses 600 watts of energy and 50/200 kHz to deal with the depth or temperature. It is made up of bronze and mounted the Thru-hull or flush way.

The features include a 600-watt energy level, Bronze construction material, 50/200 kHz with depth and temperature function.

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