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The Maretron

Our products include ones manufactured by Maretron. Maretron is a leading manufacturing company that deals in the supply of vessel monitoring and control tools. W have examined the functions of some of their products, and the evaluations are as follows.

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Software Tools

This product is an outstanding one which has been recognised and is becoming more famous by the day. The idea is innovative and allows you to monitor your vessel from anywhere, whether at home or office, or on the go. It provides information on generators, rudders, engines, navigation and control tools, weather, etc.

The benefits of this software also include that it is easy to operate and customise for your needs. It checks the display controls, graphs, warning lights, and gauges to ensure proper functioning. Other benefit features are videos, commands, notifications, and fuel consumption management. The messages are a reminder of certain limits and dangers, and the control buttons allow you to manage electrical functions on the board. The fuel management gathers information from the monitors, tanks signals, and location on the fuel consumption or other problems.

The software can be installed and run from the vessel computers or independent products. The former requires that our Maretron IPG100 or USB100.

From the name, it tracks your vessel from anywhere you are. It is compatible with androids, iPhones, and tablets. Nonetheless, it requires a strong internet connection, Maretron Telemetric cloud service hardware, or subscription.

When you use an N2KTracker, it shows a dashboard from which you can see your ship’s position and recent track on the map. You can also create a geofence around your vessel for maximum protection. The Geofence alerts you when your boat leaves a place, and interestingly, it can be disabled at your will without any rigorous process. Often, you can disable it through email or SMS.

Other benefits include:

  • Retrieving data from cloud storage
  • Parameters for your vessel’s engine
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Good Engine management.

The tracker works with all types of boats and can help you share your journey with your family and friends.

Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service

The cloud service uses various internet connections such as Wi-fi, satellite, mobile data, etc., to send out information to the cloud server for storage and sharing. It can be accessed from different sources when it is stored on the cloud, including phones, computers, and tablets.

This cloud service also helps you to keep track of your investment and manage your assets. It involves processes such as performance-boosting and scheduling maintenance. The sensors limit the data sent and, therefore, adding features to the monitoring boards and include sensors such as generators, monitoring engines, tanks, and batteries.

The cloud service can select which file to monitor and the rate at which it is sent at a low cost. Furthermore, there are two forms of accessing data ashore – N2KTracker and N2Kextractor. The former is a mobile application with similar features as a google map, while the N2Kextractor is Computer-based.

With Maretron cloud service, you can access your vessel information on the go quickly and conveniently.

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