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Marine Electronics Installation

We Install Marine Electronics

Life at sea only comes with comfort when powered by specific tools and devices, primarily electrical. Also, most of this electrical equipment is fitted to the hull after the yacht is done. Over the years, we have been partners with different yacht building companies rendering servicing and installation programs to them.

There are different types of electronics which include:

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Power Boats' Optimus EPS Redefining Steering

This product sets the standards high and is most revered among its similar products. It is the most efficient equipment that offers comfort, ease, and total control to manoeuvre the ship and is compatible with all types of boats, especially the new high technology performance boats, saltwater trawlers, powerful catamarans, and pontoon boats.

In short, it brings sophistication to the world of steering or engineering boats. It is a piece of equipment you will love to try.

Battery Cluster

The main battery clusters are BEP2 and BEP3 battery distribution clusters. The significant features of this power tool are:

  • DVSR-Single Engine Two Battery Banks
  • Pre-fitted module with application labels and strong links
  • Three 113550 small battery with switches
  • 140 amps voltage-sensitive relay
  • Voltage Sensitive Relay

This model with SKU 113668 tag is one of the BEP products that offers easy charging. It contains a DVSR (Digital Voltage Sensing Relay) which charges the second power bank, although from only a single source. It automatically happens when the central battery bank is charged and has risen to a sufficient level.

Furuno FCV-1150

Furuno FCV-1150 is an excellent fish finder tool that shows a clear view of targeted fishes in the sea and can be enabled for other fishing operations. Its high performance is due to the following brilliant features.

  • Colourful LCD
  • LCD with high-brightness
  • AR coated glass filter
  • Glaring sea views even with sun exposure
  • 780 HT Barcrusher
  • 711C Pilot
  • Mount Weld with high speed

Next Level Radar Technology

The DRS4D-NXT radar is characterised by pulse compression, analyser, and speed tracking using high technology devices. It is more efficient with FURUNO’s Rezboost technology and performs excellently like a compact 24″ radome containing an open radar.

Navigation Equipment

Navigation equipment is a significant part of marine electronics, which consists majorly of magnetic compasses and gyrocompasses.

Fibre Optic Gyrocompass

This gyrocompass is a navigation tool and consists of a sensor linked to the internet and sensor. The significant advantages of this tool are its reliability and easy maintenance.

Magnetic Compasses

It is a navigational instrument for examining the direction of the Earth employing a pointer. The pointer performs this function by joining itself with the magnetic field of the Earth. The magnetic compass has been in existence over the years and widespread in different areas: aircraft, yachts, and vehicles, and surveyors.

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Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot is also navigational equipment and one of the most effective tools. It helps crew members engineering the yacht through autopilot steering and often a combination of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic machines.
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ARPA means Automatic Radar Plotting Aid Display and helps show ships' position and guides the vessel's navigation while discovering and acquiring targets.

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