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The Markfish

Most fishfinders have a Mark button on them for singling out a fish target. It is a great and innovative fishing tool that offers various benefits which are

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It Completes the Installation Process

There is a mark function for every fish finder for easy targeting and, therefore, promotes fishing activities and culture.

A user may create various waypoints, but they are all useless without a mark function. The mark button feature gives it a name and helps you to target easily on a map.

The waypoint is shown by a mobile cross-hair on a fish finder and moves from one point to another.

Sometimes, you may need the use of the waypoint, but you are not with your fishfinder. The Mark fish has resolved this problem by providing means of distant communication. However, your fish finder must be linked to your GPS for personal and customised access.

Mark fish is no longer a luxury but a necessity for your convenience. These mark-life features include high-speed performance, external waypoint risk factors, modern marking technology, easy operation, and outstanding functionality. Otherwise, it can be described as follows.

  • Has wiring instructions
  • It consists of eight connectors that are crimp and heat shrink.
  • An amp typical blade fuse
  • Connected mounting holes
  • Operating on a voltage level of about 9 to 15 volts.
  • It consumes 100mA.
  • Serial input and output features
  • It consumes 4,800 bits per second.
  • It weighs 200gram.

Our Mark fish has passed different tests and is confirmed suitable for all types of environments- hot, cold, dry, wet, or salty.

The Mark fish usually connects fish finders’ ports to any suitable GPS. Different types of fish Finders include Furuno products such as their 585, 620, 587, 588, 627, 295, and 1150. The installation process mainly involves connections of red and green wires.

Yes, there are certain models of fish finder that a Mark fish connects with. They include Funuro 585, 620, 587, 588, 627, 295 and 1150.

The requirement to connect your GPS must have at least NMEA-0183 input, and any GPS with such inputs creates waypoints. Otherwise, you may confirm your GPS compatibility through the Mark fish installation manual. Also, ensure that your GPS is the latest software.

Yes, they are. Usually, the waypoints start with the word “Fish” and a digit number or two. Hence, they are written as Fish 1, Fish 8, Fish 27, etc.

However, after the complete installation, you may rename them to suit you via GPS. Also, you can change the name by downloading the waypoints on a computer and reloading them on the GPS.

No, it does not. All features are easy to navigate and user-friendly.

No, the Markfish has a personalised and in-built testing kit that examines the product’s functionality. It notifies you of any malfunctions or damage.

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