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Onsite Service

Electrotech Australia is one of the best companies that offer various onsite services with crafted employees whose contributions have made us what we are today. We deliver onsite services, which include:

Navigational officer driving ship on the river

Marine Electronics Installation

We are crafted and experts in-ground systems operations, electronics, installation of various systems, and data communications. Hence, one of our services is installing electronic motors and can be provided onsite, that is, where your work is located. Our activities cut across Australia’s seas and borders.

Installation processes vary depending on the type of hull, which determines the mounting system we employ. The various mounting systems are:

Transom Mount Transducers

This mounting system involves installation on the spot usually located under the hull. Screen imaging is a process employed to ascertain the correct location. If the screen image fades at a point, it is moved to another until the right spot is hit.


Like screen imaging is peculiar to the transom, this method utilises fairing blocks. Fairing blocks are tools used to place a transducer in an equal and secured position as the yacht floor for the best cruising experience. Thru-hull also consists of a tilting function that provides accommodation for higher transducers even without the fairing block’s assistance.

The process is daunting and, thus, requires more diligence.


This mounting takes place in a tank with the exact measurement as a yacht’s deadrise. It involves fitting into the tank before the tank is mounted.

Pod Transducers

Pod transducers usually are fixed in trolling devices using a clamp with extra cable at the top that facilitates motor versatility.

Pocket Transducers

It is also called pocket transducers. The mounting takes place in the keel and has various designs.

Diagnostic Services

The advent of modern technology has aided the easy and fast diagnosis process. Computerised electronic devices run diagnoses of different yachts. We run a complete analysis of your craft and examine any function inconsistencies. However, we can only deal with problems that concern servicing and not repairs. One of our diagnostic tools is “TDT1000 by Airmar”.

Yacht captain hand on yacht steering wheel

Equipment Testing

Equipment testing is part of our diagnostic tests. We inspect all aspects of electrical equipment to ensure proper functioning and accurate service delivery. Our tools for testing are technologically driven. We mainly measure the level of performance, versatility, and speed.
Detail of Vintage Wood Speed Boat

Equipment Layout

The layout of each piece of equipment matters to ensure safety at the workplace and effectiveness. Hence, we ensure that your equipment is appropriately arranged for performance and work safety.
Ship control panel with steering wheel on the captain bridge

Dash Remodelling

Yacht reconstruction or furnishing often includes remodelling the dash. A dash restoration involves eliminating malfunctions, usually electrical, and renovation or replacement of the parts. Some of the renovation works undergone are flooring, furnishing of countertops, and installation of TV panels.

In short, we provide full-time services, and our diagnostic services seem perfect with our latest transducer examination kit. With us, distance has never been a barrier. We make travels across and beyond the country to cater to your needs. All you have to do is send us a mail now.

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