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Optimal 360 Joystick Control

Helping You with the Optimal 360 Joystick Control

Optimal 360 joystick control is another service we undertake with our clients. It is majorly characterised by Utmost intelligence and can be compared with a vehicle gear and steering.

Speed Boat

Utmost Intelligence

The Optimal 360 joystick control is common among powerboats and manufactured based on EST and EPS networks to proffer revolutionary solutions. It is controlled by two outboards that supply a unified steering control and directs the shift gear and throttle with an electrical joystick.

The Optimal 360 joystick control uses modern electrical appliances to provide revolutionary steering and manoeuvring qualities essential to docking, tight areas negotiation, and retrieval.

One significant advantage of this joystick is that it is characterised by intuition and is controlled by hand electronically. It orders the cylinders, gear shifts, actuators, and throttles to single-handedly guide each engine to propel the yacht forward and backwards or in varying directions. Hence, the operator decides the direction of the ship.

Electronic Power Steering System (EPS)

The optimal joystick control usually performs with assistance rendered by the EPS, connected through a fault-tolerant to a PCM (Pump Control Module). The Pump Control Module, on its part, controls single hydraulic pumps that issue commands to the intelligent cylinders.

Furthermore, the joystick is suitable for all engine types (single, dual or triple, or even quad) and offers value control. Its intuitive character powers it to move sideways, and it is done by pushing the joystick in a movement that resembles a motor gear to the left or the right, depending on the operator’s choice.

Other characteristics of the joystick include low-speed manipulation and a breakthrough in the marina during docking. Also, the tool reduces the amount of shifting for a successful manoeuvre through intelligent programming.

The joystick control involves thrust through pushing. When you push harder, the thrust is more substantial and is lower when you make a little push. The RPM in a boost mode also gives you power over thrusting.

Undoubtedly, the optimal 360-degree joystick is made of different parts and complements one another to achieve a flawless control experience. The system’s reliability is essential, especially for improving or optimising engineering methods with high-quality materials, effective production, and control systems for convenient life at sea.

Summarily, the joystick consists of the following.

  • Three-axis units in a boost mode
  • Unique designs for clients’ satisfaction and fulfilling sea life demands
  • Correctable stainless steel fittings by ORB on smart cylinders
  • Adjustable speed sensitivity buttons, steering results, and wheel efforts
  • A CAN bus network that is fault-tolerant
  • Cable connections that are under lock and key
  • Hydraulic steering pumps
  • Suitable third-party autopilot structures
  • Dual constant parts
  • Options for multi-joystick capacities

Our extensive research and knowledge from experience have made us the best among equals in this field. Little wonder, our emails are filled with great reviews from our clients. It is part of our goals to solve your demands on the sea and include services that deal with joystick control. We also give recommendations for good maintenance. Contact us today!

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